7º ANO – Simple Present

Exercícios Extras de Inglês – 2º Bimestre – Maio/2013

Nome: ____________________________________________ 7º Ano ______


1) Complete as sentenças usando os seguintes verbos:

cause close drink live
open speak take place

a) Ann __speaks__ German very well.

b) I never ______________ coffee.

c) The swimming pool ______________ at nine o’clock and _______________ at half past six every day.

d) Bad driving _______________ many accidents.

e) My parents ________________ in a very small flat.

f) The Olympic Games ______________ every four years.


2) Circule a forma correta do verbo:

a) My grandfather    live / lives     in São Paulo.

b) I    eat / eats    lunch at one thirty every day.

c) My sisters   walk / walks   t school every day.

d) My best friend      like / likes    math.

e) My brother and I      eat / eats    breakfast at seven thirty.

f) My cousin    study / studies    math and biology.

g) We    go / goes   to the movies on the weekends.

h) my friends   play / plays    basketball after school.


3) Preencha os espaços com o Simple Present dos verbos entre parênteses. Adicione: S, ES ou IES, quando necessário:

Sanjit Ray  ________________ (work) for a computer company in Los Angeles, California.

He ________________ (write) computer programs. But he __________________ ( not /go)   to Los Angeles every day.  In fact, he__________________ ( not / live) in the USA.  He  ____________________  (live) in India.

Every day he  ___________________(take) the bus into Bombay and he _____________________(go) to an office there. The computer company  ___________________(send) information to him by e-mail. He_________________(work) on the information on a computer and then he sends the    program back to California.

On the weekends he _______________(watch) videos,______________ (play) with  his children  and  _____________(relax).

4) Complete estas sentenças. Use a forma correta dos verbos:

        catch            study         try         have      kiss                      close              buy               wash                    go                    start





a)  The boys _______________ the bus at half past seven in the morning.

b)  The shopping Mall ____________ at ten o’clock p.m. every day.

c)  My classes ____________ at seven twenty.

d)  Brenda _____________ to help Patrícia with her English.

e)  We _______________ bread at the supermarket.

f)  Alan _____________ his father’s car at the weekend.

g)  I always _____________ my mother when I leave home.

h)  Pablo usually ______________ lunch at the school cafeteria.

j)   She never _______________ on her holidays.

i)  They _____________ to school in the morning.


5) Complete as sentenças com: do, does, don’t ou doesn’t.

a)  ________ your dog bark a lot at night?

b) My family and I ______________ eat meat. We are vegetarians.

c) When ____________ your parents watch DVDs?

d) Where ____________ your father work?

e) We ______________ live in a house. We live in an apartment.

f) Our son __________________ play a musical instrument.


6) Escreva  “do” ou  “does” nos espaços:

a) Where ____ you go to school?

b) What ____ your brother eat for breakfast?

c) How _____ you spell that?

d) What ____ Mario do on the weekends?

e) Where _____ Russell and Paul live?

f) How ____ you say that in English?

g) When ____ the film start?

h) When __________ the students do their homework?

i) _________ you like your new school? Yes, we ________.

j) Why __________ Canada have a small population?

k) When ___________ your brother wash his car?


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  1. eu so queria q tivesse as respostas em baixo para corrigir seria otimo
    Da proxima atividade por favor coloca as respostas para corrigir

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