8º ANO – Past Simple – Past Continuous


Exercícios Extras de Inglês – 2º Bimestre – Maio/2013

Nome: ____________________________________________ 8º Ano ______

1) Complete as sentenças usando o Past Simple dos seguintes verbos (use uma vez cada verbo):     speak  –   have   –    read   –    drive   –  drink  –  begin   –  meet   –   take 

a) Sue __________________ a cup of coffee before class this morning.

b) We __________________ a delicious dinner at a Mexican restaurant last


c) When it _______________ to rain yesterday afternoon, I shut all the windows

d) I ______________ an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday.

e) I ______________ Jennifer’s parents when they visited her. She introduced

me  to them.

f) Yesterday I called Jason on the phone. He wasn’t home, so I _____________

to his sister.

g) Mary walked to school today. Rebecca ________ her car. Sandy ________a


2) Use suas próprias idéias para completar as sentenças, use o Past Continuous.

a) Tom burnt his hand when he __was cooking the dinner.__

b) The doorbell rang while I ________________________________________

c) We saw an accident while we _____________________________________

d) Mary fell asleep while she _______________________________________

e) The television was on but nobody __________________________________

3) Coloque os verbos no: Past Continuous ou Past Simple.

a) Jane __was waiting__ (wait) for me when I __arrived__ (arrive).

b) ‘What ________________________ (you do) this time yesterday?’ ‘I was asleep.’

c) ‘_____________________________ (you go) out last night?’ ‘No, I was too tired.’

d) ‘Was Nina at the Emmy last night?’ ‘Yes, she ____________________________ (wear) a really nice dress.’

e) How fats __________________________________ (you drive) when the accident __________________________ (happen)?

f) John ________________________ (take) a photograph of me while I ___________________________ (not look).

g) We were in a very difficult position. We __________________________ (not know) what to do.

h) I haven’t seen Alan for ages. When I last __________________________ (see) him, he ___________________________ (try) to find a job in London.

4) Complete as sentenças com o Past Continuous ou Past Simple:

a) I _______________ (come) to school when I ___________________(meet)

an old friend of mine.

b) While my parents ____________________ (travel) around Europe, they

_______________ (lose) their luggage.

c) My cousins ________________ (have) a good time at the beach while

I ___________________  (study) for a catch-up test last weekend.

d) When my cousin ______________________ (open) the door, her neighbor

__________________  (stand) at the doorstep.

e) Carol’s little brother ______________________ (break) his arm while he _____________________(play) soccer.

5) Past Simple ou Past Continuous?

a) My mother was watering the flowers while I ________________ (study).

b) The film__________________ (not/start) at eight last night. It ___________________(start) at nine.

c) We _________________ (talk) about Mary when  she ________________ (come) in the room.

6) Leia a estória e complete com a forma correta dos verbos:

When I _________________ (watch) television last night, the lights suddenly________________ (go out). I _________________(watch) a science fiction movie about monsters in space. I ___________________(wait) for the lights to come back on when I ____________________(hear) a terrible scream. I _________________ (jump) off the sofa and __________________ (run) to the door when something furry (touch) my leg. I __________________ (scream). At last, the lights _________________ (come) on. The furry thing was our cat. Maybe she was  scared of space monsters, too!


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