6º ANO – Simple Present (do – does)

1) Complete com: have, don’t have, has ou doesn’t have.

a) Sarah _______________________ a car. She goes everywhere by bicycle.

b) They like animals. They ______________________ three dogs and two cats.

c) Charles isn’t happy. He __________________________ a lot of problems.

d) They don’t read much. They _____________________ many books.

e) ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘I _______________________ something in my eye.’

f) ‘Where’s my pen?’ ‘I don’t know. I _______________________ it.’

g) Julia wants to go to the concert but she _______________________ a

2) Escreva 2 sentenças sobre essas pessoas, veja o exemplo:

a) Name: Heng

Place: Beijing, China – Heng lives in Beijing, China.

Language: Mandarin – He speaks Mandarin.

b) Name: Omar

Place: Amman, Jordan – ________________________________________________________

Language: Arabic – ___________________________________________________________

c) Name: João and Rosa

Place: Salvador, Brazil – _______________________________________________________

Language: Portuguese –  ______________________________________________________

d) Name: Elena

Place: Santiago, Chile – _______________________________________________________

Language: Spanish – _________________________________________________________

e) Name: Mareen and James

Place: Dublin, Ireland – _______________________________________________________

Language: English – _________________________________________________________

3) Preencher os espaços com: do, does, don’t ou doesn’t.

A:  ______________ Patricia live in New York?

B : No, she ______________________.

A:  Where ________________ she live?

B:   She lives in San Diego.

A:  ______________ your parents like to go out?

B:  Yes, they ______________. They love going to the movies.

4) Complete as sentenças com os verbos entre parênteses. Adicione S – ES – IES , quando necessário:

a) John __________________ (go) to school in the morning.

b) They _________________ (like) to dance.

c) She ________________ (love) Peter.

d) I _________________ (drink) milk for breakfast.

e) He ____________________ (wash) his car on the weekend.

f) We __________________ (travel) to the beach every year.

g) My dogs ____________________ (eat) bread.

h) You _____________________ (study) English.

i) The baby ____________________ (cry) a lot.

j) My mom ______________________ (watch) films every week.

k) Bill and Kate ____________________ (come) to school by bike.

5) Mude as sentenças para as formas negativas ou interrogativas:

a) She lives in Marilia.

Int – _______________________________________________?

b) They talk to the prinicpal every day.

Neg – _______________________________________________

c) You speak English very well.

Int – _______________________________________________?

d) He likes vegetables.

Neg – _______________________________________________

e) My brother goes to the club on Sundays.

Int – ________________________________________________?

6) Complete as sentenças com: DO ou DOES:

a) _______________ they play baseball?

b) She _____________________n’t walk to school.

c) _______________ you open the door, please?

d) _______________ he love Mary?

e) I ________________n’t close the window.

f) _______________ Sarah and Jason dance beautifully?

g) ______________ your friend drive to her house?

h) We ___________________n’t clean our bedroom.

i) My neighbor _________________n’t work at the hospital.

j) ______________ she have breakfast at home?


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