8º ANO – If Clause I

1) Complete com as formas corretas dos verbos entre parênteses:

a) If it ____________ (be) fine tomorrow, we _________________ (go) for a picnic.

b) Kelly _________________ (buy) a new cell phone if she ______________ (have) enough money

c) Mike ____________________ (meet) his friends if his father _______________ (lend) him the car.

d) If the DVD _______________ (not work) we _________________ (buy) a Blu-ray.

e) If you ____________________ (not do) your homework now, I ____________________ (not let) you eat the dessert.

f) If Brazil wins the next world cup, we __________________ (be) very happy.

g) If they _____________(buy) that old car, they ___________________ (have) a lot of problems.

h) If we _____________ (move) to Brasília, we _____________________ (miss) our friends here.

i) She _____________ (practice) her English if she _________________ (go) to London.

j) You will love Ipanema if you _____________________ (come) to Rio.

k) Bella __________________ (quit) her job if she ___________________ (not go) on vacation.

l) If I __________________ (make) the cake, you _______________ (have) to prove it.

m) If Julie _________________ (have) a cold, she _____________________ (not able) to go to the party.

n) Pam ________________ (send) me an e-mail if she ___________________ (find) the video store website.

o) If Jodie __________________ (eat) that Mexican food, she _________________ (have) an allergic reaction.

p) If we __________________ (be) late, we ____________________ (telephone) the airport.

q) If your plane _________________ (be) late, we ____________________ (stay) in Madrid the first night.

r) If you _____________________ (want) to see Madrid, we ___________________ (show) you the city.

s) If my aunt _____________ (not/come) to Madrid, my father ________________   (take)  us to her house.

t) If you ________________ (not/ like) the country, we __________________ (go) to the seaside.

u) She _________________ (go) you the party if you invite her.

v) If they arrive late, we __________________ (wait) for them.

w) I will not pay you if I _______________ (not/have) money.

x) I will study harder if my marks_________________ (not/ be) good.



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