7º ANO – Simple Past (did)

1) Leia sobre a viagem de Lissa para Madri. Coloque os verbos na forma correta 

Last Tuesday Lisa __flew__ (fly) from London to Madrid. She _________________ (get) up at six o’clock in the morning and _______________ (have) a cup of coffee. At 6:30 she ____________________ (leave) home and ____________________ (drive) to the airport. When she ____________________ (arrive), she ________________ (park) the car and then ___________________ (go) to the airport café where she ___________________ (have) breakfast. Then she ____________________ (go) through passport control and _________________ (wait) for her flight. The plane __________________ (depart) on time and ____________________ (arrive) in Madrid two hours later. Finally she __________________ (take) a taxi from the airport to her hotel in the center of Madrid.

2) Escolha 5 sentenças do exercício 1 e passe para as formas negativas e interrogativas:

a) ________________________________________________________


b) ________________________________________________________


c) ________________________________________________________


d) ________________________________________________________


e) ________________________________________________________


3) Escreva perguntas com:   DID……? 

a) I watched TV last night. And you?

Did you watch TV last night?

b) I enjoyed the party. And you?


c) I had a good holiday. And you?


d) I finished work early. And you?


e) I slept well last night. And you? _______________________________________

4) Complete com o passado dos verbos em negrito:

a) I often see.  I __saw__ him again only yesterday.

b) As teenagers, we always ____________________ each other very well. We still understand each other now.

c) I hardly __________________ Ray’s wife. Did you know her at all?

d) We always meet on Sunday. We __________________ last Sunday as usual.

e) I often find things on the beach. I ___________________ this very old bottle yesterday.

f) Someone’s always leaving that window open. Who _________________ it open this time?

g) I _____________________ a lot of letters when I was young. I hardly ever write letters now.

h) They sell all kinds of rubbish now, but they once ___________________ good handmade furniture.

i) She is very good at figures, you know. She __________________ first in maths at school.

j) I have the same car now that I _____________________ five years ago.

k) I don’t keep pets now, but I __________________ a dog when I was a boy.

l) ‘Where did you eat last night?’ ‘We _______________ at a restaurant.’


Answer Key:

1)got – had – left – drove – arrived – parked – went – had – went – waited – departed – arrived – took


Lisa didn’t fly from London to Madrid. – Did Lisa fly from London to Madrid?

She didn’t get up at 6 o’clock in the morning. – Did she get up at 6 o’clock in the morning?

She didn’t have a cup of coffee.  –  Did she have a cup of coffee?

She didn’t leave home.  –  Did she leave home?

She didn’t drive to the airport.  –  Did she drive to the airport?

She didn’t park the car.  –  Did she park the car?

She didn’t go to the airport café. – Did she go to the airport café?

She didn’t have breakfast.  –  Did she have breakfast?

She didn’t go through passport control.  –  Did she go through passport control?

She didn’t wait for her flight.  –  Did she wait for her flight?

The plane didn’t depart on time.  –  Did the plane depart on time?

She didn’t arrive in Madri 2 hours later.  –  Did she arrive in Madrid 2 hours later?

She didn’t take a taxi.  –  Did she take a taxi?



b) Did you enjoy the party ?

c)  Did you have a good holiday?

d) Did you finish work early?



b) understood

c) knew

d) met

e) found

f) left

g) wrote

h) sold

i) was

j) had

k) kept

l) ate






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